How To Use

This program is useful for modifying an existing image or for creating an image from scratch. It can be a good source of income if you have great Photoshop skills. There are lot of classes and tutorials available to learn about how to use a Photoshop.

  • First step is to start the program. If you want to create an image, you will have to open a new file. For that you just need to click the button for the main menu and then clicking the “New” option. You will find lot of options which can be used for customizing your canvas. These options are flexible so these can be used even while you work on the file.
  • You can even set the size of your canvas. Next is to choose a resolution for the photo depending on what you plan to do with it. This helps in estimating the number of pixels in per square inch of the picture. Your image will be more detailed if you have more number of pixels in an inch. A color mode needs to be chosen according to your image. Usually the mostly used color mode is RGB but CMYK and gray scale color mode are also used often.
  • You also need to add layers to an image which helps in separating images and editing. With more layers, you will be able to control it better. Lots of options are there to adjust the layers. You must access all the tools available in software to edit or create an image.
  • You can also add a text to your image. With the help of a text box, all lines will be in a better alignment. You can also choose a font as per the content and image.
  • You must experiment with the filters available. Also, you can transform an image to rotate, stretch, scale, warp or skew. You can do it on a particular area or maybe on a complete layer.
  • Once you are done with your work, you will obviously need to save it so that the data is not lost. Saving it is just like you do it in any other programs and you can also choose the file type for saving the file.